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Raptors vs. Bulls: The Time is Nigh

Forgive us for getting all apocalyptic here: this is what happens when a curse is involved.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

All we can even think about is the fact that the Bulls have beaten the Raptors 11 straight times. It burns us up. How could it be possible? The Bulls were once a good team, an organization who could conceivably beat the Raptors a few times in a row. We can concede that point. But now? A hex must be involved.

I reviewed it all here -- the painful history, the destructive games, Doug McDermott raining threes like some sort of horseman of the Apocalypse. I'd rather not rehash it. (Though an aside: I still cannot believe McDermott put up back-to-back games like that to kill the Raptors. Being undone by Jimmy Butler, while offensive to my heart, makes sense -- Butler is a very good player. But to be mercy killed by the sweet shooting of the barbershop quartet-looking McDermott is a special level of insult. Beating the Bulls without him is acceptable, but a twisted part of me really wanted him to be on hand for the Raptors' moment of triumph. Anyway, moving on.)

Things have been looking up for the Raptors a tad as of late. The recent players-only meeting may have helped, the defense has been outstanding, and even without Kyle Lowry they're finding ways to win. The time is now to make a push for the 3-seed and destiny. A defeat of the Bulls curse would go a long way in that mission. The whole squad is ready -- they're even wearing their Husky jerseys tonight -- but can it be done?

Check out the preview of today's game here from Sean Woodley. Then get in the comments and prepare. The time is nigh.