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The Non-Update Update: Kyle Lowry is making progress

Kyle Lowry went in for his two week check-up on his surgically repaired wrist and... he’s fine?

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Not that we’re sitting on the edge of our seats over here thinking hard on how Kyle Lowry is doing, definitely not that, but many in Toronto are perhaps idly wondering. The Raptors have gone 6-4 in the ten games Lowry has sat out after he underwent surgery on his right wrist to remove “loose bodies.” (Such an ominous term.) The team’s defense — owing to an influx of talent — has improved, but the offense — which was once historically good — has begun to swoon. Turns out it is hard to score points easily without your best player.

Nevertheless! Lowry was in New York City today for his two week check-up. We collectively held our breath. Was there a big reveal today as to his status? Uh.... no. Still, we’ll take these dribs and drabs of information and upgrade our status from “idly wondering” to “rabidly anticipating.” The fate of the Raptors’ season quite literally depends on this wrist. So, what do we now know?

First, the facts:

Then the confirmation and mention of progress:

And finally, a third affirmation along with a minor (oh so minor!) look to the future:

What does it all mean? Apparently we’ll have to wait to find out.

Some wild speculation: it’s fine, let’s relax.