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The Raptors 905 Clinch A Playoff Spot

For the 1st time in franchise history, the Raptors 905 have clinched a playoff berth.

The Raptors 905 have clinched a playoff berth with a record of 31-11, best in the D-League.

The 905 making the playoffs in just their second season is quite remarkable. Just thinking on how far the franchise has come in one year is incredible. After last season the 905 finished with a 23-27 record, not bad for an expansion team, but still. Insert coach Jerry Stackhouse, and what many players have said is the deepest and most talented roster in the D-League. Maybe we should not have been surprised.

The 905 have dominated the D-League using defense, something Stackhouse has preached since day one. It have shown as the Raptors 905 are currently holding teams to 100.0 points a game, which is not nothing when consider the usual tepid D in the league. As well the 905 are using a team effort with a great mix of players — including some guys getting quality NBA time right now.

Congrats guys. We’ll see you in the post-season!