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Update: Kyle Lowry Has Surgery With “No Complications”

So that’s... good news, right?

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If you spent the last 48 hours worrying about the RaptorsKyle Lowry, you are not alone. It’s been a trying time. Lowry has missed three straight games (all of which Toronto won, but still), and the diagnosis on his wrist injury has gone from a casual “eh, it’s just sore” to a distressing “needs surgery to remove loose bodies.” To quote a favourite TV character of mine: not great, Bob.

So, an update! As was tweeted last night by Raptors Media Relations, Lowry has had his surgery on his ailing wrist and:

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, the surgery was moved to late afternoon. Why? We’ll never know. Second, there were no complications. Great! (Except presumably moving the surgery to the late afternoon was a complication, but that’s neither here nor there; let’s all relax.) Third, range of motion in a few days. That sounds exceedingly excellent. You and I can maybe get away with limited range of motion, what the hell are we even doing here? But a professional athlete, a man such as Kyle Lowry? He’ll need his range of motion — presumably in full, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

To further calm everyone down, friend of the site William Lou has taken the time to interview an actual doctor, Shankar Sivananthan, to figure out how anxious he should be about Lowry right now. The full discussions is here, but I like this part:

The 4–5 week timeline is when he can start using the wrist for shooting. As long as there are no other undisclosed injuries, he should be able to workout and train as usual.

If we couple this statement with the “no complications” sentiment expressed by RaptorsMR, we may be turning a corner here. Sure, it’s a long-ass 4-5 week corner, but a corner nonetheless. Everybody just relax. Let’s be cool. We can’t lose our composure here.

I need to lie down.