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The Weekly Rap, February 6th-12th: #WeTheFourth

The Raps have slid to what place in the East?!?!?!

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As we all wake up and recover from that gut punch of a Super Bowl, I know for me the lasting memory won’t be anything to do with Touchdown Tom and the Pats, but this absolutely touching spot from 84 Lumber.

Onto this week’s games.

Feb 6th vs. LAC

The Clippers have become Raptors West in the recent weeks, struggling to defend or really play up to their potential as Chris Paul remains out and Blake Griffin tries to work himself back into full playing shape. But hey, it’s not like Raptor killer Paul Pierce can play anymo-OH MAN I’M EMOTIONAL AND THAT THREE POINT STROKE STILL WORKS.

He also kissed the logo at centre court pregame in the most Mo Pete of fashions.

Watching that just after 4 pm and not knowing what was awaiting us in the Super Bowl is just so cruel. Boston remains the luckiest sports city in the world.

Feb. 8th @ MIN

It’s time to pour a little out, fire up the old YouTube, and re-watch the 2016 dunk contest for the 86th time, as Zach LaVine is now out for the season with a torn ACL.

[whispers] AND WE MAY NEVER SEE HIM BE ABLE TO FLY LIKE THIS AGAIN. [runs into hiding]

Hopefully by Wednesday night DeMar DeRozan is back in the lineup, and we can watch him and Wiggy drain long twos all night long.

Feb. 12th vs. Det

Finally the Raps will get a break this week with a four day layoff after their jaunt to Minneapolis before hosting the Pistons on Sunday night. While the game might get ugly on the court, we can all take joy in the fact that the NBA’ greatest sideline artist Stan Van Gundy will be gracing the ACC court with his yelps and frantic pacing. Raps by 7.

With that I’ll take the Raps on Sunday, and to defeat the Clippers at home while losing a tight one in Minny to end up 2-1 on the week. Your thoughts?