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Q&A with Patrick Patterson on the Oscars and Films of 2017

The Raptors’ movie expert shared some picks and who he’d like to win in the 89th Academy Awards.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Toronto Raptors Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

The 89th annual Academy Awards are tonight at 8pm. This means they’re set to begin just as the fourth quarter of Raptors vs. Blazers gets underway. To me, this is unfortunate since I enjoy watching the Oscars every year (yes, even though they’re kind of dumb and not particularly indicative of the actual quality of films in a given year. I understand all of that.). For Patrick Patterson, the Raptors’ resident movie buff, it has to be a bummer too.

Nevertheless, Patterson had some thoughts on the upcoming ceremony, predictions for some of the winners, and which films he is rooting for. Here’s a slice of our chat.


Raptors HQ: Are you looking forward to watching the Oscars? Any thought on your picks this year?

Patrick Patterson: Definitely will be watching them. Hopeful for Fences winning across the board, with Denzel [Washington] for Best Actor, but I know he won’t, Viola Davis for Supporting Actress. Definitely for best film I’m hoping Fences but I have a feeling it’s probably going to be La La Land, or Manchester By The Sea.

HQ: No love for Moonlight?

PP: I’m being real. There’s no way Moonlight’s going to win, but as a person who’s a fan of movies and a fan of that movie per se, I pray Moonlight wins. But I know as a realist it’s not going to win.

HQ: Did you see La La Land?

PP: Saw La La Land.

HQ: It’s going to win, it’s going to sweep everything probably.

PP: Yeah, it’s that, I feel like La La Land, Manchester By The Sea probably get most of the awards.

HQ: I think Moonlight’s going to win.

PP: I’m hoping it does.

HQ: Mahershala Ali’s got Best Supporting Actor, I think he’s going to win that.

PP: I’m hoping so, I’m hoping so.

HQ: Fences is a tough one. It’s a good movie but—

PP: But I see Viola [Davis] winning, but as far as Best Picture, I can’t give it Best Picture.

HQ: So your favourite movie on the list of nominees was Fences?

PP: Favourite movie on the list was Fences, and... I really liked Arrival, but I can’t see sci-fi winning. Those two are probably my favourites that I saw. And it’s crazy that Amy Adams didn’t get nominated. She made like six movies this past year and not one of them was she nominated for, so I thought that was pretty crazy.

HQ: OK, so what’s your favourite movie of the year?

PP: Favourite movie of the year? [long pause] I really loved the new Captain America movie. Civil War was phenomenal, I really loved that. Just how they’re starting to combine all these characters from the Marvel Universe. So I thought that was pretty cool.

HQ: I think I was a fan of number two [The Winter Soldier] just a bit more, but three was—

PP: Number two just more? That one was good too. I’m just a fan of Black Panther. I love when they do that, when they threw him in there, so that’s why I love that one.

(This interview has been condensed for clarity — and to eliminate a bunch of my aimless rambling about film.)