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The Weekly Rap, Feb. 20th-26th: Trade Deadline Bonanza!

The Raps are feeling a power SERGE and should make the move for Paul George.

Orlando Magic  v New York Knicks
When you have a chance to get Paul George
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I’d finally recovered from the Boogie Cousins fallout, seemingly read every piece and tweet there is to read on the subject, AND THEN ANOTHER WOJ BOMB DROPPED UPON THIS WILD WEATHER WEDNESDAY:

As expected, this set the heavy hitters of Raps twitter ablaze (also RIP the pod).

Obviously if the prophecies of Harsh came true, I think we could all get over the emotions of the NBA’s best bromance being broken up for a MUCH better defender, three point shooter and playmaker.

PJ “Don’t call me Alando” Tucker has also been heavily rumoured to be on the Raps radar as an added rotation piece, but with the need for the wing off the bench to be a better shooter, this Raptors season can fulfill all of my dreams if Masai Ujiri is able to bring in the Prince of the Pull-Up, SWAGGY P.

Onto this week’s games, where the Raps go to battle with their division rival and a sputtering Blazers squad.

Feb. 24th vs. Celtics

This game is going to be an absolutely crucial get at home if the Raps want to jump start their Serge (pardon the pun) back up to the two seed in the East. With the Celtics currently four games up, and potentially a major player coming their way in the next 24 hours, I’m going to save myself words in typical lazy college kid fashion and leave it to the pro who writes the game preview on Friday morning. Regardless of the how the deadline shakes out, Toronto will come out re-energized and actually show up on ESPN for once in a 6 point win.

Feb 26th. vs Blazers

Will both CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard still be on this team come Sunday afternoon? I know Blazers super fan @_jaimehills is hoping so, but it might be best to move one and try to offload some of these huge contracts saddled to their role players as well, especially with the loaded draft coming up. How does #FallForBall sound Portland? I’m taking the Raps here as well.

There it is, a 2-0 short week. Who ya got?