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Poll: Will the Raptors make another trade before the deadline?

There’s a chance it could happen. But will it?

Toronto Raptors v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Despite making a tremendous, and much needed, trade already, the Raptors’ name has not left the lips of many around the NBA. There’s a push going on right now, one that involves Toronto making a serious run at the top of the Eastern Conference. And why not? They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals last year, they added Serge Ibaka, they have a fairly well-balanced team with something of a proven track record.

Enough to win a title? Maybe not. Enough to make it interesting? Hmmm.

So that brings us to the situation at hand. As has been noted, the Raptors could probably stand to make one more move to shore up the back end of their bench. With the addition of Ibaka, and the insertion of Norman Powell into Terrence Ross’ old role, Toronto now has a 10-man group with which they can go to war. What we’re talking about here is, as I said yesterday, probably a modest move to buttress the wing position which is currently staffed by the creaky DeMarre Carroll and the undersized Powell.

This is not to suggest that the Carroll-Powell combo is not enough for Toronto. But the Raptors also have poor Jared Sullinger on the roster, whose path to minutes is now gone, along with four point guards. (The Raptors like all of their PGs obviously, but four is a lot.) They also will probably not look to rely on Jakob Poeltl, Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, Bruno Caboclo, or Delon Wright much in the post-season. (There may be a moment or two for some of them — and it would definitely be fun to see the Raps try Wright at the 3 again — but rotations tend to tighten in the playoffs.)

So, the question is straight forward: Will the Raptors look to make a deal by tomorrow as Carroll-Powell insurance? Will they look to move on from a player, in Sully, who clearly has no further utility with the team? Is there some other trade combo that could go down?

Or, will they stand pat, confident in their 10-man group and the push they’re about to make?

To the poll!