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DeMarcus Cousins Will Not Be A Raptor (For Now)

The conclusion (we think) of a venerable series.

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I, like a million other Raptors fans (all numbers estimated), have been championing a DeMarcus Cousins to Toronto move for the longest time. On Sunday, the rumors started swirling very hard when Woj reported the Sacramento Kings were fielding offers for Cousins. By the end of the night, Cousins was headed to New Orleans for a package featuring rookie guard Buddy Hield (what..?).

For a few hours on Sunday, I half-heartedly thought Cousins-to-Toronto was a reality. My emotions ranged from very optimistic:

To really optimistic:

To tempting fate a little bit:

To bitterness:

To anger:

To acceptance:

Anyways, there was no way we were getting Cousins since Vivek Ranadive was obsessed with the idea that Buddy Hield would be the next Steph Curry, no deal Masai Ujiri could have offered would have even made it to Vivek’s desk.

But, Cousins’ most lucrative financial path is to not sign an extension with New Orleans this summer and hit free agency after the 2017-18 season. So, let’s take a two week break and then get right back on the Cousins-to-Toronto bandwagon again.

In the meantime: