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NBA Trade Deadline: Jared Sullinger - Traded or Troll?

We’re leaning towards the latter.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Sullinger, the Raptors fifth-string big man and walking piece of salary matching flotsam, tweeted a thing.

Cryptic is the only way to operate when you’re an NBA player on Twitter. Our only choice in the wake of this development is to recklessly speculate.

Has Jared Sullinger been traded in yet another win-now move for Masai Ujiri, perhaps being used to match the incoming salary of a P.J. Tucker or Marco Belinelli?

Could he headed out of town as part of a second blockbuster move along with a handful of other big money deals? Sullinger, Cory Joseph and DeMarre Carroll for Jimmy Butler, anyone?

Maybe his tweet has nothing to do with a trade at all. What if the two sets of eyeballs and the double peace signs are meant to illustrate the squashing of a long-term beef between Sullinger a foe-turned-friend?

Or, maybe, this is just the latest in a spat of NBA players screwing with us ahead of the deadline; in which case, Sullinger gets docked points for a lack of originality.

Only time — and more furious Twitter scrolling — will tell.

The Raptors at the Trade Deadline: What's the move?

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