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NBA All-Star Game 2017 Preview: Beef-watch

All anyone cares about is the game within this game

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s All Star Saturday had a shambolic dunk contest, Kyle Lowry putting up an ungodly 9 in the three-point contest, and DeMar DeRozan canning a three as part of the donation to Craig Sager’s charity. After that relative dud, we look to Sunday to get things back on track as the All Star festivities come to a close. The All Star Game always offers a few storylines worth following, and this time is no different.

Two Raptors

Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are deserving All Stars, as they each make their third appearance. DeRozan will have the chance to start, while Lowry was an easy choice for the reserves. Lowry’s game doesn’t exactly translate to these showcases, but DeRozan should have the chance to flash some of his dunking firepower. I imagine neither of the two will play much if the game is tight towards the end, but it’s always cool to see two guys you watch on a daily basis get to make their mark against the best players in the world.

Who plays when it gets serious?

One of my favourite things about every All Star game is when it suddenly starts getting competitive right at the end. What 5-man units do the coaches decide give them the best shot at winning? My guess: John Wall - Kyrie Irving - LeBron James - Paul George - Jimmy Butler vs. Steph Curry - James Harden - Russell Westbrook - Kevin Durant - Draymond Green. Speaking of which...

Russell Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant

So much of the conversation around All Star weekend has been the weirdness surrounding the Warriors and Westbrook. While Stephen Curry and Westbrook seem to be on good terms off the court, all eyes will be on the dynamic between Russ and KD. Will they share the court at the same time? Will Russ dap up KD during timeouts? Will Russ pass to KD at all? Will Russ try to dunk on his own net when he sees KD under it? Russell’s definitely going to go for MVP, so I’m totally in on KD ball hogging and stealing his shine. I probably care too much about this, but I have no shame. Give me a special camera watching them at all times.

Where to watch: 8 PM, TSN National