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The Weekly Rap, Feb. 13th-19th: Panic! at the All-Star Break

The Raptors Raps’d real hard on Sunday, and Kyle Lowry said some cryptic ish

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Toronto Raptors
Is a mutiny against this man coming soon?
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday night’s matchup against the Pistons was going swimmingly until about midway through the fourth quarter, as the Raps were getting stops and moving the ball, DeMarre Carroll even looked good, and the Twitter jokes were even landing:

It was too good to be true, as Ish Smith, Tobias Harris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope tore apart the Raps’ defense the rest of the way and Toronto’s offense devolved into contested iso ball for Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, en route to another disappointing loss to a team below them in the standings.

After getting home from a (surprisingly) quick TTC ride, I hop back on the old twitter machine to see the usual Dwane Casey run of the mill postgame quote on a bad loss and [siren emoji] OH WHAT’S THIS FROM KYLE [siren emoji]

That’s quite the quote. I wonder who it could be about? Perhaps a defensive-minded coach who probably isn’t afraid to let his guys know how disappointed he is in this team being trash on that end of the floor and who’s butted heads with Lowry in the past?

With the two games this week potentially being another two losses against the Bulls and Hornets, who always seem to beat this team no matter their record, fireworks could be coming in Raptorland over the All-Star break.

Feb. 14th @ Chicago

There will be no flowers, chocolate or hearts on Valentine’s Day for the Raps, as this is a game in Chicago, against the Bulls, and therefore they will lose. Nothing we can do about it, them’s the rules.

Feb. 15th vs. Charlotte

By acquiring Miles Plumlee, the Hornets now hold the holy trinity of white guy college stars in Plumlee, Frank Kaminsky, and Cody Zeller. At this point they may as well embrace the tank sitting at 24-30, and go all in on picking up the rest of the Plumlee and Zeller brood, as well as Psycho T and start their own most hated bracket a la Grantland. This is also a chance for Killa Kemba to break the Raps hearts on their home floor:

Pour a little out for that great call and the Bobcats.

That being said, I think the Raps will go into the break on a winning note so not all is doom and gloom as Kyle and DeMar head to NOLA.