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Raptors vs. Celtics: A Shot at a Fresh Start

It's been a trying month for the Raptors, but a win in Boston could make it all okay again.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Raptors fans have been in a perpetual state of dread since Boxing Day, unable to count on the offensive machine that seemingly cemented itself as the undisputed two-seed in a matter of two months.

Even the Raptors' wins in this recent stretch of globular form have been heart-wrenching. It shouldn't take overtime to dispatch of the Pelicans on a night where Anthony Davis shoots 4-of-18.

Calls for a roster-shaking move are starting to echo, and ambitions of chasing down the Cavaliers have taken a back seat to fighting off the Hawks and Wizards just to stay in the East's top-three.

A win tonight in Boston change has the potential to wipe much of the last month from memory. Winning in Boston on a back-to-back is no gimme, but Toronto proved on December 9th that they're capable of just that. Prevailing in this battle of future Cavs fodder would reinstate the Raptors as the East's second seed. With a down-filled schedule to follow until the All-Star break, this is the opportune time for Toronto to get all its wheels back on the track and continue what it started before the New Year.

If the schedule -- and lack of DeMar DeRozan -- leave them unable to pull it out, say hello to more crippling worry.

The comment section is now yours. Enjoy the game. And check out Matt Teague's preview here before tip-off.