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Raptors fourth jersey appears on NBA Europe store’s website

Despite their apparent best efforts, the Raptors fourth jersey — part of Nike’s City line — has appeared officially in the wild.

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The Raptors have remained one of four teams in the NBA to not officially unveil their new fourth jersey as part of Nike’s City line. As the big man Zach Lowe tweeted out today, “all” of the City Edition jerseys are here at Nike’s site... but not really:

Houston, New York, Miami, and, yes, Toronto are apparently holding out. To what purpose? Who knows. The Raptors have already re-worked their slogan and ancillary look this season — with the new North Over Everything vibe and triangular designs — but the jersey has been kept largely out of the limelight.

Until now, on the NBA Europe website.

The jersey was discovered, of course, and tweeted about (see below):

(Naturally, dedicated jersey man Blake Murphy has some thoughts on all of this, including an earlier, sneaky look at the thing. Credit to his far superior sleuthing skills.)

I’ve largely stayed out of the NBA jersey discussion because I’m not sure what their purpose is as a saleable item. I guess you can wear these? Sure, let’s go with that. Nike is doing their damnedest to keep making as many jerseys as they can, with more and more alternates coming out every year. There’s something there for every kind of Raptors fan, I suppose (blue Huskies, OVO black and gold, red Chinese New Year, purple retro, etc.), but it starts to feel a bit much over time. I’m old.

Anyway, it’s news and there it is. The Raptors have a City line jersey now, and I’m sure it will be officially officially unveiled soon.