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Fun and Good Highlight: Poeltl drains his first ever NBA three-pointer

Once a week we’re bringing you the Raptors’ play of the week that best exemplifies our whole new attitude about this team: Fun and Good.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Since we’d all prefer to forget the horrors of last night — and, sure, the darkness pooling in different areas of the globe — let us turn instead to our new refrain: the Raptors are fun and good. It’s a chorus we enjoy so much this year that we’ve decided to turn it into a weekly feature.

This is the Fun and Good Highlight of the Week.

For the inaugural post we need go no further than Jakob Poeltl and his miraculous three-point make from Sunday afternoon against the Sacramento Kings. Toronto would go on to win the game 102-87, pushing their win streak to seven — and our fun and good levels to about as high as they’ve been this season.

Here’s the replay footage:

As you may notice there, Poeltl’s career 3-point percentage is referenced at 100 percent. For you non-math guys out there, that’s the ideal, that’s perfect, that’s the ultimate goal. It is rarely (never?) achieved. So, what you’re seeing there is history, because Poeltl is the only member of the Raptors to have never taken a three-pointer in the NBA. And now he is, mathematically speaking, the best three-point shooter on the team. This is how math works.

(For some additional perspective: only one other three-point attempt has been recorded for Jak’s entire basketball career. It was on the night of December 13th, 2014, in a game against Kansas, during Poeltl’s freshman season at Utah. He did not make the shot — so OK, he’s really more at 50 percent, but whatever.)

So there you have it. Watch the replay again, see the ball go through the hoop despite its unlikely launching point, recall the lumbering (yet deceptively smooth) gait of the only Austrian in the NBA after he makes the first three-pointer of his young career. And smile as that same young man raises three fingers in celebration.

The Raptors............. are fun and good.