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DeMar DeRozan is the Eastern Conference Player of the Week

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This is quite the early season accomplishment for our guy DD.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We certainly doubted him all those years ago, but DeMar DeRozan just keeps stacking up the plaudits anyway. Today, DeRozan was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, and honestly: now we don’t even blink. He deserves it, he’s earned it, and we expect it.

Let’s go to the numbers. The Raptors went 4-0 over the past week with DeRozan leading the charge with a casual 26.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per game. Astounding. He also shot 57 percent from the field, which is pretty wild when you consider how inefficient DeRozan’s midrange game is supposed to be. Worry not though, DeRozan also cracked the 30 percent mark from deep on 3.3 attempts per game — not the best, but trending in the right direction. All of this is fairly remarkable considering DeRozan’s free throw attempts — his usual offensive bread-and-butter — were down for the week at 5.0 attempts per game. So basically, DeRozan did it all, did it better, and did it differently than he has before.

This is the sixth time DeRozan has won the Player of the Week award. He snagged it once in 2015, twice in 2016, and now three times in 2017. There are also his two Player of the Month awards to remember, his three All-Star appearances, and his All-NBA Third Team accomplishment. I could go on.

And apparently, so can DeRozan.