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Dial 905: Bruno on a hot streak, Lorenzo Brown shines and the 905 returns home

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Raptors 905 went 2-1 while Bruno Caboclo shone. Let’s take a look at what else happened with the Raptors G-League affiliate this week.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Raptors 905 entered the season with a completely overhauled roster from the one that won a D-League title last season. Only the injured Negus Webster-Chan is back, not counting Raptors assignee Bruno Caboclo. As a result, head coach Jerry Stackhouse has been forced to constantly shift his rotation and starters to find something that clicks. It’s is still a work in progress.

The 905 however, still look like a good G-League team, but they still need time to find chemistry before it can really be judged. For now, a 3-2 start to the year will do.

Friday Nov. 10 — @ Fort Wayne Mad Ants

Final Score: 104-77, Fort Wayne

Jerry Stackhouse has been lucky to have assignees Bruno Caboclo and Alfonzo McKinnie with the team. Along with Lorenzo Brown, they are propping up this roster (McKinnie’s since been called up in response to Norman Powell’s injury). A lot of the players on the 905 have never played in the G-League before so that leadership will help.

Alfonzo McKinnie produces strong game

Alfonzo McKinnie was a G-League all-star last year with the Windy City Bulls, which resulted in him getting a contract with the Toronto Raptors. Now on assignment with the 905, he’s been leaned on heavily to help anchor the offence.

In the end, McKinnie has the best of a collection of poor 905 performances, finishing with 13 points and 5 rebounds in 30 minutes.

Bruno Caboclo stays down

Caboclo had to agree to be sent down to the G-League this year but after not playing much with the Raptors, Caboclo volunteered to go down to start the year with the 905.

Caboclo looks like a completely new player in the G-League, showing off a previously unseen maturity. He’s finally dominating the G-League, something the Raptors have been hoping he’d be able to do for years.

Caboclo finished with 10 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks in 21 minutes of action against Fort Wayne.


  • Lorenzo Brown is too good for the G-League and needs to spend time with the Raptors soon. Brown ended up with 14 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and a ridiculous 5 steals.
  • Canadian and Carleton alum Kaza Keane has done a phenomenal job as the second unit’s point guard. Keane has great court vision and moves the ball up quickly. Keane finished with 7 points and a rebound in just 16 minutes.
  • Malcolm Miller, Negus Webster-Chan and Roger Moute a Bidas were all sidelined with injuries

Sunday Nov. 12 — @ Westchester Knicks

Final Score: 92-90 for the 905

The 905 after a blowout loss to Fort Wayne and went to Westchester and started off terribly. However, the 905 chipped away and Davion Berry hit a game-winning three with just four seconds on the clock in a big comeback win.

Bruno Caboclo dominates

Take notice Raptors fans and other NBA teams. Caboclo has looked like a completely different player this season with the 905. Playing plenty of minutes as a small-ball centre, he’s flashed exciting tools on both ends.

Caboclo finished the game with 22 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals in 35 minutes. Have a game, Bruno.

Kennedy Meeks steps up

Kennedy Meeks was transitioning to a power forward all training camp with the 905 as with Edy Tavares as the projected centre. However, Tavares signed with a Spanish team and it left a gaping hole in the 905’s frontcourt. Since sliding back to his natural spot at centre, Meeks has looked good.

Meeks was bullied opposing bigs in the paint and was a force on the defensive glass. He played 35 minutes while chipping in with 10 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 steals.


  • Lorenzo Brown is a tremendous G-League point guard. Brown runs this 905 offence incredibly well. With Delon Wright getting injured Wednesday in New Orleans, perhaps he’ll soon fulfill the other half of his two-way contract.
  • Davion Berry hit a game-winning three with just seconds on the clock, in a comeback win for the 905. Berry has continued to be a leader on the court for this young 905 roster
  • Malcolm Miller, Negus Webster-Chan and Roger Moute a Bidas missed this one, too.

Tuesday Nov. 14 — vs. Westchester Knicks

Final Score: 112-109 for the 905

A good ol’ fashioned home and home, while the 905’s home game was a school day game. The school day games are always a blast for the players, with the Hershey Centre packed full of screaming kids.

Lorenzo Brown stays hot

Brown was awesome against the Knicks, and is among the G-League’s better-performing two-way players right now. Brown, however, needs to limit the turnovers to be a productive NBA point guard.

Brown ended up with a team-high 29 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds and 7 turnovers in 37 minutes of play. Brown has Stackhouse’s trust early to run the offence and push the pace when he needs to.

Double-double for Bruno

Three games this week, three excellent Bruno performances. Caboclo often starts off slow but boy does he end well. Caboclo finished with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 3 steals in an incredible 42 minutes of play.

Caboclo hasn’t shown signs of giving up on plays yet, and his three-point shot has been off to a good start this season. But with a crowded Raptors rotation, it will still be tough for Caboclo to get NBA minutes with the Raptors this season.


  • Kennedy Meeks continued his early success as he chipped in with 18 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks in 33 minutes.
  • Aaron Best has been putting Ryerson on the map. Best added 14 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist while shooting 4-7 from three.
  • Malcolm Miller, Negus Webster-Chan and Roger Moute a Bidas missed the game. Kaza Keane (Canada) and Kennedy Meeks (USA) both received call-ups for the first round of FIBA World Cup qualifiers and will be leaving the team for two weeks.

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