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Raptors waive Davion Berry in anticipation of role on G-League’s 905

If you bought your official Toronto Raptors Davion Berry jersey already, we have some bad news.

Some beautiful things are just meant to last, and while I’m not here to assert exactly that the idea of “Davion Berry, NBA player” is a beautiful idea, I have a responsibility to report the news: the Raptors have waived Berry.

Now, what does this mean?

Berry was always earmarked for the 905. And with the Exhibit 10 contract he signed with the Raptors, the plan was to entice him to the G-League with some bonuses (bonii) therein. To wit: Berry receives $50,000 if he makes it past waivers, jumps to the Raptors 905, and remains in the G-League for 60 days. There are worse things in life than staying in Mississauga for two months (or at least I’m told that’s the case).

We reported on Berry’s stats and vitals, so you can check that out here. For now just know this: he joins Lorenzo Brown, Malcolm Miller, and Kennedy Meeks (who signed a similar Exhibit 10 contract with the 905 expectation) as the only actual guys on the 905 roster. The rest of the team will likely come together around October 21st, the day of the G-League draft.

Until then, we can dream and imagine.