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43 Questions for the 2017-18 Toronto Raptors

Here’s an incomplete list of what we’re wondering about in advance of the latest season from the Toronto Raptors.

NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017-18 Raptors season is literally filled with questions — some obvious and some, uhhhhh, not so much. I decided to try and catalogue as many as I could think of in advance of the Raptors’ first game on October 19th. The NBA is almost all the way back!

Answer as many (or as few) as you’d like in the comments. And let me know if I missed any good ones.

The 2017-18 Raptors Questions

  1. Who will be the opening night starting small forward?
  2. Who will start more games at the small forward spot — C.J. Miles or Norman Powell?
  3. Will Powell play up or down to his new contract extension?
  4. When will OG Anunoby be ready to play regular season minutes?
  5. How many minutes will Serge Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas play together?
  6. Will Ibaka’s three year contract look very good or very bad in its first year?
  7. Can Pascal Siakam play bigger minutes as the team’s main backup power forward?
  8. Who will look better this season — Siakam or Jakob Poeltl?
  9. Where will the Raptors rank league-wide in offensive rating?
  10. Where will the Raptors rank league-wide in defensive rating?
  11. Where will the Raptors rank league-wide in assists per game as a team?
  12. Who will be the Raptors best interview/best quote?
  13. Will DeMar DeRozan make the NBA All-Star team?
  14. Will Kyle Lowry make the NBA All-Star team?
  15. Will either of them make any of the All-NBA teams?
  16. Will Kyle Lowry play more than 35 minutes per game?
  17. Will DeRozan start taking more than three 3s per game?
  18. Will DeRozan shoot better than 30 percent from 3?
  19. Will DeRozan play more or less efficiently this season?
  20. How often will Dwane Casey sound extremely hoarse after regular season games?
  21. How many new folksy adages will Casey trot out this season?
  22. How often will we see a Lowry-Delon Wright-Fred VanVleet lineup?
  23. Who will be the team’s 14th man?
  24. Who will the the team’s 15th man?
  25. Will Alfonzo McKinnie, K.J. McDaniels, Lorenzo Brown, or Malcolm Miller have any impact this season?
  26. Will Bruno Caboclo play any meaningful minutes this season?
  27. How many times will Wright’s game be described as “amoebic”?
  28. Will Wright make us forget Cory Joseph?
  29. Will VanVleet make us forget Cory Joseph?
  30. Will Valanciunas average more than one assist per game?
  31. Will Valanciunas become a three-point shooting centre?
  32. How many times per game will Leo Rautins refer to JV as “the big fella”?
  33. Will Lucas Nogueira play a meaningful on-court role with the Raptors?
  34. Will Nogueira get any more face tattoos this season?
  35. Which Raptor will be described as having “a lot of potential” the most this season?
  36. How many times will Lowry bail this team out for a win?
  37. How many times will DeRozan bail this team out for a win?
  38. How many times will the Raptors lose to the Bulls this year?
  39. Will Masai Ujiri make any in-season trades this season?
  40. Which Raptor is the most likely to get traded this season?
  41. Which playoff seed with the Raptors end up at for the 2018 playoffs?
  42. Which significant Raptor will get injured this season?
  43. How many games will the Raptors win in 2017-18?

What other questions do you have? Let loose in the comments.