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Raptors vs. Rockets: When having a short memory helps

As far as we know, the Raptors are in a bad way. But this is the NBA: it's best to just forget things fast and move on.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets are in Toronto today, and they are the peak of conscious-free NBA balling. This is a team averaging a league-record 39.9 threes per game. That's astounding. And it also requires a certain level of forgetfulness. No shot is as awesome to hit as a three-pointer; but to miss it -- when your team is in a closely fought battle, or looking to put a team away, or hoping to mount a comeback -- is huge. Houston doesn't care either way. They'll just bomb away the next time down the floor.

The Raptors could use a bit of that collective amnesia. As you may recall, the Raps were in Chicago last night and, well, things were not so hot. That Toronto was playing on into the night, in overtime, less than 24 hours from tip-off tonight is... not great. That they somehow lost to the Bulls for the tenth straight time is rather remarkable. And I say remarkable only because I don't want to use some sort of expletive.

But that's the whole point I'm trying to make here: we, and the Raptors, and the entire city of Toronto, have to forget. Forget what happened yesterday, forget you played in a basketball game yesterday, forget -- like the Rockets -- that you missed that shot.

Just fire away, guys.

Now here's the preview for the game from Harsh Dave. Let's get on in the comments.