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Raptors vs. Nets: Because you hate yourself, but love Quincy Acy

This is what all the cool kids are doing on Friday Night.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's Friday night in Toronto. The snow has cleared, the air is crisp. You could be doing anything. But you're reading the Raptors HQ Gamethread, presumably in preparation for watching the Raptors take on the 8-win Brooklyn Nets. For that, you are a hero.

Some things you should keep in mind for tonight's game: Patrick Patterson will sit out to nurse his ailing knee - a decision Dwane Casey said was precautionary. It's a sensible move to be careful with Patterson - he played poorly in his first start of the season on Tuesday and Casey said after that game that he is not yet at 100%. With the spread heading into this one set in the 15-16 point range in Toronto's favour, the lack of Patterson shouldn't be harmful to his team's chances of winning.

If you're looking for reasons to stick around from start to finish tonight, look no further than the ends of each team's respective benches. Toronto has Bruno Caboclo and Fred VanVleet on hand in the event the Raptors end this one early. Garbage time has been fun for the Raptors this season, and the potential for a healthy inhale off the team's human victory cigars is strong tonight.

On the Nets side of things, a former fan-favourite and outgoing piece in the Rudy Gay trade finds himself in line for a revenge game. Quincy Acy is in the house after signing a 10-day deal with Brooklyn (pour one out for Anthony Bennett).

A final five minutes featuring Bruno, VanVleet, Acy and Luis Scola could be an all-time junk time spectacle for Toronto fans.

Try to enjoy this one. And if you get bored, feel free to lay waste to the comments.