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The Best from Reddit’s Roast of The Toronto Raptors

Because sometimes it is fun to hate.

NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t browse NBA Reddit on a regular basis but searching for something tonight I stumbled upon what appears to be an offseason project by the Reddit folks in which they held an online roast for every team in the league. The Raptors figured into it last month. You can go through all the comments and jokes here. I’ve picked out a few below. Everyone please keep an open mind and don’t get too upset.

  • They call Toronto "the 6" because that's how many playoff wins it takes for their fans to consider it a successful season.
  • Somebody tell your stars that just because it's a "seven-game series" doesn't mean they have to wait until game 7 to show up.
  • You chose Andrea Bargnani instead of LaMarcus Aldridge.
  • Even these roasts are still 2 years away from being 2 years away.
  • I came here to roast the Raptors but they can't handle the Truth.
  • I really thought the jokes and insults in this thread would be better. Yet again, the Raptors leave me disappointed.