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Hoop Talks Live is Coming and HQ will be there

We’re talking hoops at the Drake Underground with a gaggle of Toronto sports media personalities. Come on down!

As we crawl out from the doldrums of the August off-season, our friends at Hoop Talks Live have just the thing to salve our basketball-starved hearts. Coming this Wednesday, September 7th, is the latest gathering in the Hoop Talks series, an evening of drinking and basketball talk.

More details can be found here.

With doors set to open at 7pm, come to the Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street West, on the northeast corner of Queen and Beaconsfield), head for the basement, and settle in as bloggers, reporters and media personalities speak on a series of panels about your favourite subject: basketball and the Raptors.

The star-studded guest list includes: Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, Michael Grange and Paul Jones of Sportsnet, Sherman Hamilton of TSN, Eric Koreen of the Internet, the dudes from Raptors Republic (Blake and Will Lou), the voices of the Raptors 905 (Ashley Docking and Meghan McPeak) and — wait for it — Sean Woodley and I from HQ! What fun.

Click the link up there and buy your ticket now. And [lowers voice] if you use the code “hoop” you can get five bucks off the price. Don’t say I never do anything for you guys.

At the very least, I promise you’ll be able to see me get two to three beers deep with a microphone in my hand.