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Kyle Lowry named Teammate of the Year by his Raptors peers

The award is part of the annual NBPA "Players Voice".

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the National Basketball Players' Association announced their Players Voice awards. Kyle Lowry, who seems like a nice, funny guy, was given a Best Teammate award, selected by his Raptor peers.

Lowry, as we know, is a well-liked player in the locker room and this is a nice way of confirming it. After a surly start to his career, this is another example of his character growth, and how he and his teammates have embraced his leadership role. He's also good for a social media joke or too, as has been made clear by his hashtag humour.

From the looks of the other Eastern Conference picks, it also looks like Kyle Lowry could potentially lead an All-Star team of friendly people. It's August, so I'll just get into making a starting lineup. There's a lot of big men here, so I'm going full 90's super size with Lowry and Garrett Temple in the backcourt, Al Horford at the three, and a Brook Lopez / Taj Gibson combo inside. They would pass it around all day and crack jokes and all be best friends. Aw.

What are your thoughts on the award? Who would you start on the All-Teammate team?