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Watch: Newest Raptor Pascal Siakam speaks on his introduction to the team

This is from yesterday, but it's still something to see.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2016 NBA Draft, the Raptors selected Pascal Siakam, a 6'10 power forward out of Cameroon (who played college ball in New Mexico State) with the 27th pick. At the time, the reaction was generally a muted "who?" But now, on the eve of the Las Vegas Summer League and Siakam's debut against NBA competition, Pascal has spoken with the media.

Thanks to the Raptors' YouTube channel, we have Siakam's first interview:

The best part is undoubtedly when Pascal reveals he has yet to actually get to Toronto. Come on government, get this man his work visa already! There's also talk of how Siakam felt on draft night, what skills he brings to the NBA, and the prep work being done in Vegas right now.

Remember: the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas begins tomorrow with the Raptors taking on the Kings at 10pm EST.