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NBA Free Agency: Let's discuss every single remaining player and their fit with the Raptors

A ranking, a list, but really just an examination of what the hell is left out there for Toronto.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So it definitely looks like the Raptors will not be making any dramatic trades for big name talent just yet. Not that there's anything wrong with that. As we've discussed over and over again, the Raptors are still in a very good place. They've invested in talent wisely, they have some very good players on their roster, and most of their competition is faltering in different ways.

But there's still the matter of those two additional spots on the roster.

As it stands right now, the Raptors have 13 players for certain. That's the team of last year minus Biyombo, Scola, Johnson and Thompson, plus rookies Poeltl and Siakam. They also have a minuscule amount of cap space, something in the order of around 5.5 to 5.7 million bucks. (Hackett can confirm.)

So, with that in mind, let's turn to the list of free agents -- the entire list -- and figure out who the Raps should sign with that little pocket of money. Check the full list of free agents from lowest previous salary to highest, with some assessment of what the Raptors should do with each.

(Thanks to my man Blake Murphy's tireless spreadsheet game for the salary info collection.)

The List of Remaining 2016-17 Free Agents

(UFA - Unrestricted Free Agent; RFA - Restricted Free Agent)

Dorell Wright - UFA $17,637 - He had that one year where he hit a ton of 3s, but I think the sun has set on Dorell as a useful NBA player, even though his brother players for the Raptors.

Henry Sims - UFA $111,452 - No one named Henry has ever found sustained success in the NBA. Sorry to crush your dreams, bro.

Jordan Farmar - UFA $111,683 - The Raps definitely don't need a point guard this badly.

Jeff Ayres - UFA $187,750 - His last team was the Spurs so he's automatically good and useful.

Jorge Gutierrez - RFA $190,000 - Without looking, what position does Jorge play?

Bryce Cotton - UFA $228,663 - Ditto.

Nazr Mohammed - UFA $352,750 - Our first "this guy's still in the league?" dude on the list.

Marcelo Huertas - RFA $525,093 - Ask Lakers fans how jazzed they are about their team keeping Marcelo.

Tim Frazier - RFA $845,059 - A non-cool Frazier.

Langston Galloway - RFA $845,059 - A useful player! Probably due for a big raise! Knicks will match! Raptors don't need another PG!

Markel Brown - RFA $845,059 - I'd stay away from Nets players just because.

Cleanthony Early - RFA $845,059 - Positive the Raps should not go after Early, but happy and hopeful he'll make it back into an NBA rotation somewhere.

James Michael McAdoo - RFA $845,059 - Got exposed in the Finals, so obvious the Raps don't want a piece of him.

Eric Moreland - RFA $845,059 - Who?

Elton Brand - UFA $890,693 - I know the Raptors want an "oldest guy in the room" to fill the slot left by Scola, but this is a bit much.

Ian Clark - RFA $947,276 - You think the Warriors still need Clark? They've been pretty quiet this off-season.

Isaiah Canaan - RFA $947,276 - Undersized PG coming from the Sixers? Hard pass.

Allen Crabbe - RFA $947,276 - The rumour is out there that Crabbe is getting a $70 million offer from the Nets. That's a, uh, big number.

Troy Daniels - RFA $947,276 - Would rather have Antonio Daniels. Or Troy Murphy.

Willie Reed - RFA $947,276 - Thought this said Willie Green and almost had a heart attack. As it is, worth a look.

Dewayne Dedmon - RFA $947,278 - Not sure the Raptors need another backup centre, even one with such a meme-friendly name.

Thomas Robinson - UFA $981,300 - And here's to you, Mr. Robinson; some team loves you more than you (or the Raptors) will know.

Pablo Prigioni - UFA $981,348 - I say the Raps sign him so I can ask him for Old Man Game tips.

Quincy Acy - UFA $981,348 - Knows the city. Once blocked the hell out of Dwight Howard. Let's goooooo. (cont.)

Robert Sacre - UFA $981,348 - oooooooooooooooooooooooo

Donald Sloan - UFA $1,015,421 - There's a little too much Darrick Martin to this dude.

James Anderson - UFA $1,015,421 - Went from the Spurs, to Houston, to Philly, to... Sacramento. That's a fall from grace, folks.

Tyler Hansbrough - UFA $1,185,784 - Hansbrough leaves, Biyombo comes, Biyombo leaves... It's the circle of life.

Marcus Thornton - UFA $1,186,000 - Literally the last thing the Raptors need.

Boban Marjanovic - RFA $1,200,000 - The team doesn't quite need another backup centre, but for Boban, I'm willing to make an exception. (Sadly, he's probably due for a sizable raise.)

PJ Hairston - UFA $1,201,440 - Can never again be taken seriously.

Brandon Rush - UFA $1,270,964 - Small sample size but Rush shot 41% from deep last year. I'll just leave this info here.

Gerald Green - UFA $1,356,000 - When your team's fans get extremely nervous every time you check in, it is not a good sign.

Sasha Vujacic - UFA $1,356,146 - When your team's fans groan at your mere presence, it is not a good sign.

Richard Jefferson - UFA $1,499,000 - Can't believe I'm about to say this: It would be cool if the Raps signed Richard Jefferson for the 2016-17 season. [walks into the ocean]

James Jones - UFA $1,499,000 - Seems unlikely he leaves LeBron. Now if the Raps got LeBron....

Andre Miller - UFA $1,499,187 - One year of a 40-year-old Miller would be worth it, no matter the cost.

Ronnie Price - UFA $1,499,187 - More point guards!

Jason Terry - UFA $1,499,187 - Confident that Terry is now past it.

Metta World Peace - UFA $1,499,187 - Extremely confident that Metta is now past it.

Tayshaun Prince - UFA $1,499,187 - Wildly and exaggeratedly confident that Tayshaun is now past it.

Charlie Villanueva - UFA $1,499,187 - No comment.

Matt Bonner - UFA $1,499,187 - Need a big man. Need shooting. Need a good locker room guy. Need a sandwich connoisseur. What are we even talking about here? Sign this man.

Amar'e Stoudemire - UFA $1,499,187 - Your kids will never believe that Amar'e was once the most explosive player in the league.

Kendrick Perkins - UFA $1,499,200 - Delusional.

Shane Larkin - UFA $1,500,000 - Nets? Nope.

Sergey Karasev - UFA $1,599,840 - Nets? Nope.

Lou Amundson - UFA $1,650,000 - Holy smokes, Lou is going on 34?

Ryan Kelly - RFA $1,724,250 - The Lakers are excited to have replaced Ryan Kelly with Timofey Mozgov. Consider it.

Aaron Brooks - UFA $2,000,000 - No one has ever one the Most Improved Player award twice, is all I'm saying.

Festus Ezeli RFA $2,008,748 - Doubtful he lost himself enough money in the Finals to be in the Raptors' price range.

Miles Plumlee - RFA $2,109,294 - This is the not-so-good Plumlee.

Steve Blake - UFA $2,170,465 - The fork in his back has a fork in its back.

Tony Wroten - UFA $2,179,354 - A high-usage, low-efficiency player? Why would the Raptors want that?

Jared Sullinger - RFA $2,269,260 - Not the worst idea, to be honest.

Donatas Motiejunas - RFA $2,288,205 - Not the worst idea, to be honest.

Terrence Jones - RFA $2,489,530 - Not the worst idea, to be honest.

Leandro Barbosa - UFA $2,500,000 - Love him, but I think Toronto has had enough of Leandro.

James Johnson - UFA $2,500,000 - I have no feelings whatsoever about this man.

Tyler Zeller - RFA $2,616,975 - As editor Harsh Dave has pointed out, the Raptors already have Alpine Zeller. Best not to tempt fate.

Kevin Seraphin - UFA $2,800,000 - A non-passing big man who can't defend? Ummm...

Manu Ginobili - UFA $2,814,000 - I'm sure leaving San Antonio is in his plans. Sure of it.

Brian Roberts - UFA $2,854,940 - Replacement player in name and game. Not needed.

Mike Miller - UFA $2,854,940 - You will not convince that Mike Miller is still somehow a useful NBA player. You will not do it.

Udonis Haslem - UFA $2,854,940 - Same.

Kirk Hinrich - UFA $2,870,000 - Jesus. Same!

Maurice Harkless - RFA $2,894,059 - Seems unlikely the Blazers would let him go, or that he'd come cheap, but Raptors would be intrigued.

Luis Scola - UFA $3,000,000 - I thought we already held this Viking funeral. What gives?

Brandon Bass - UFA $3,000,000 - I feel myself talking myself into this one. Send help.

Norris Cole - UFA $3,036,927 - This guy sunk like a stone.

Meyers Leonard - RFA $3,075,880 - Despite the breathless TMZ reporting, I doubt the Raptors are interested in a big man who can't defend and is not as good a shooter as he thinks he is.

Randy Foye - UFA $3,270,000 - Add this one to the "he's still going?" file.

Steve Novak - UFA $3,750,000 - I think one tour of duty is enough. I honestly can't remember a single three-pointer Novak ever hit while in Toronto.

Marreese Speights - UFA $3,815,000 - Not the best fit for the Raptors, but not the worst. Worth a look.

Raymond Felton - UFA $3,950,313 - Let this man stumble off into the sunset.

Alan Anderson - UFA $4,000,000 - We good.

Jordan Hill - UFA $4,000,000 - On the one hand, those random games when Hill killed the Raptors. On the other hand, Hill.

Kris Humphries - UFA $4,600,000 - Still as out to lunch as ever.

Derrick Williams - UFA $4,900,000 - Second pick, 25 and just sitting there. Could the Raptors--[gets hit by bus]

J.R. Smith - UFA $5,000,000 - Can't come to Canada and run for President, so it seems like an unlikely match.

Chase Budinger - UFA $5,000,000 - Never the same after his knee injury.

Chris Kaman - UFA $5,000,000 - Never the same after... uh, I don't know. Maybe Kaman is just like that.

Chris Andersen - UFA $5,000,000 - Fly on little wing.

Dion Waiters - RFA $5,138,430 - He's in demand, and something of a luxury, and also someone the Raptors should stay far far away from.

Josh Smith - UFA $5,400,000 - He's decidedly not in demand, but still someone the Raptors should stay away from.

JJ Hickson - UFA $5,613,500 - Surely the salary cap explosion hasn't gone that crazy has it?

Jason Thompson - UFA $6,431,250 - Still just sitting there.

Greivis Vasquez - UFA $6,600,000 - It would be the highest of high comedy to bring Greivis back in so Norm could dunk on him in practice.

Kevin Martin - UFA $7,085,000 - No team needs shooting that badly.

Anderson Varejao - UFA $9,638,554 - A few injuries and flops past his best before date.

Ty Lawson - UFA $12,404,495 - The Raptors have Lawson to thank for many things, but signing him would be a bad idea. Just send a card of gratitude.

Nene - UFA $13,000,000 - Broken down at this very moment, but I like the idea.

David Lee - UFA $15,493,680 - Really, really not as good or useful as you think.

Dwyane Wade - UFA $20,000,000 - Never.

LeBron James - UFA $22,971,000 - I mean, you at least give the Cavaliers a call, right?

And that does it. Maybe we should all just take the rest of the summer off. Who's coming with me?