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DeRozan tries to 360 dunk on entire country of China; how's your summer going?

This is not a thing that happens every day, or any day. And DeRozan's dunk didn't even go down. Consider that.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

For all the talk of international basketball catching up to Team USA in the talent category, it's useful to remember that America remains the nuclear option on the court. Poor China -- a world power in every meaningful way -- faced off against the USA in a showcase last night and, uh, it did not go well. I'm talking a 49-point route of not-wellness.

To add some serious global-level insult to injury, our favourite Raptor, Mr. DeMar "I am Toronto" DeRozan, attempted to do this in the game.

I don't know if its the lure of dunking on relatively anonymous ballers from other countries, or if the lackadaisical nature of these Olympic tune-up games is the reason, or if it is just a thing that Raptors players do on the international stage, but gotdamn.

And again, the dunk didn't even go down!

You can get the rest of the details about the game, including a recap and the box score, here. But really, I think that Vine there provides a good representative summary of how things went.

Anyway, how's your summer going?