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Jared Sullinger is apparently already on the Lowry Workout Plan

The photographic evidence is compelling.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Kyle Lowry set the fitness bar in Toronto last summer, all professional athletes coming into the city have had a body of work (literally) to which they could aspire. You see, despite being a super hard worker on the court, Lowry had always been dinged for being a bit, hmmm, pudgy. Now, not pudgy like you and I are pudgy; Lowry could still bowling-ball down the lane with the best of them. But pudgy in that some of Lowry's opponents appear to be carved out of solid granite. It's a tough standard they got there in the NBA.

Anyway, enter Jared Sullinger. The newest member of the Raptors is known for a few things. He's shown some solid skills on the offensive end of the court and an acute defensive rebounding ability. His three point shot isn't elite, but he's trying. And then of course, there has been the discussion around his weight.

Sullinger is listed at 6'9'' and a robust 260 pounds. Unfortunately for Sully, this is not a holy-shit-is-that-even-possible 260 like LeBron James' listed weight; it is more of an obvious straight-to-the-midsection 260, an all-too-believable 260. Now, if it feels uncomfortable to read about this, believe me it is just as uncomfortable to write about. For who am I, doofus blogger, to comment on the fitness level of a professional athlete? I ate a leftover hamburger for lunch today and spent most of the afternoon sitting in a desk chair. Maybe we should all just let Jared be Jared.

And yet, Sullinger, buoyed by either a sense of professional responsibility or, as is more likely the case, the huge pay day coming after this 1-year contract with the Raptors elapses, is apparently already making like Lowry.


We are now in the world of Skinny Jared Sullinger.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.