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NBA Free Agency: Here's where the Raptors stand after Day 1

Let's take a step back and take stock of where Toronto is so far this off-season.

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The NBA off-season has been a riotous bonanza so far, and the Raptors have done exactly one thing. Granted, that one thing was to lock up their franchise guard, DeMar DeRozan, to a lucrative deal worth approximately $139 million over five years. It's, uh, not nothing.

But the rest of the league's teams have also been running around out there trying to get in on the action. So now, on July 2nd, it's time to take stock of where the Raptors stand. Which players are still out there? Which teams have made moves to leapfrog the Raptors? Let's figure this out.

(You can see all of the reported deals and moves here on SB Nation's Free Agency tracker.)

Players In and Players Out

Setting aside Kevin Durant (who is not meeting with Toronto) and LeBron James (who is not leaving Cleveland), the biggest target still out there is Al Horford. The Hawks are up to something funky at the moment -- they re-signed Kent Bazemore and grabbed Dwight Howard. But, it's unclear how Horford, and Paul Millsap for that matter, fit into this new team (and salary) configuration. Something has likely got to give.

Reports at Yahoo suggest that Millsap's name has been coming up in trade talks, but it feels more likely to me that the Hawks will keep him and let Horford walk. Moving from him to Dwight Howard feels like a step down, but it's at a much more digestible price point and contract length. Sadly, the Raptors now can't just throw money at Horford without shedding a ton of salary (e.g. they'd need some sort of trades to go, likely involving a third team.)

There are other big men out there though. The Raptors met with Ryan Anderson (as was mentioned here yesterday), and I like the idea of maybe seeing what Marvin Williams is about. He's a small-ball four who can shoot threes and defend, and while it also seems likely the Hornets will work to retain him (especially after letting Al Jefferson and Jeremy Lin go), why not see what's up? Anderson, meanwhile, isn't the best fit defensively for the Raps, but would give them some damn fine shooting.

Who else? Pau Gasol is still out there but I don't love that fit for the Raptors. Luol Deng just signed with the Lakers. Darrell Arthur is long gone to the Nuggets. Same goes for Jared Dudley to the Suns.

Meanwhile: Jon Leuer and Amir Johnson (!!!) are just sitting there. [Update: Jon Leuer was signed today by the Pistons.]

Teams Up and Teams Down

We'll just keep this discussion to the Eastern Conference. The Raptors finished last season in second place, and right now it feels like they could be in the mix to repeat.

Last year's third place Heat kept Hassan Whiteside but lost Joe Johnson and Luol Deng. They still haven't re-signed Dwyane Wade, and there is no update on Chris Bosh (sadly). So unless they're grabbing Durant or Horford, things are getting grim in South Beach.

The Hawks meanwhile remain a question mark. They traded Jeff Teague, they're going to move one of Horford or Millsap, and they're going all in (I guess) on a trio of Dennis Schroder, Bazemore and Dwight Howard. Good luck.

Still no idea what the Celtics are doing.

The Hornets seem to be losing more names than they're adding, but re-signing Nic Batum was a win for them. The Pacers continue to intrigue. They've now reworked their starting lineup to be more up-tempo, but then they signed Jefferson. Presumably Big Al comes off the bench for them to work as a scoring fulcrum for bench units. Right? At least Solomon Hill left the conference (to sign with the Pelicans).

The Pistons continue to not scare me -- though their keeping of Andre Drummond was the obvious decision. I'll try not to sound to gleeful at the continued erosion of the Bulls. They're clearly in rebuilding mode now, with Jimmy Butler as their centre and a series of questions marks surrounding him. Chicago could be, gasp, even worse this year. Here's hoping.

Ditto, the Wizards. They re-signed Bradley Beal but man, they look shaky as hell right now. The Bucks and Magic are wild cards. The Nets and the Sixers will still be quite bad. And finally, there are the New York Knicks. They added a cadre of players who, on paper (and in, like, 2011), sound great. But it'll be some kind of sight to see Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah and Kristaps Porzingis try to figure things out. Good luck, guys. (But not really.)

And this is just after Day 1. What's next is literally anybody's guess.