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Poll: What type of player should the Raptors sign as their 15th man?

There aren't as many names out there, but let's hash this out.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Being a team's 15th man is a rather ignoble honour, but it still means a player is in the NBA. This is no small thing. Notwithstanding the Fred VanVleet signing (since it appears very unlikely the Raptors will carry four point guards on the roster), the Raptors still have a slot open on their roster. Who could fill it?

Let's take a tumble down the depth chart, shall we. Here's how the current roster shakes out, position-wise:

PG - Kyle Lowry, Cory Joseph, Delon Wright

SG - DeMar DeRozan, Norman Powell

SF - DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Ross, Bruno Caboclo

PF - Jared Sullinger, Patrick Patterson, Pascal Siakam

C - Jonas Valanciunas, Lucas Nogueira, Jakob Poeltl

A simple glace at this list opens up the obvious weak points on the roster. Behind the core four at SG/SF, it's a bit thin -- with only Bruno slotted in there. And of course, power forward/centre remains something of an open question -- with some intriguing but still untested players in the mix.

The Raptors basically have two choices:

1) Sign another SG/SF type to slot in behind Ross/Powell to provide a little shooting/defense when the time comes. Presumably this would be a veteran guy, in the mould of, say, a John Salmons-type. [Salmons' head perks up] I said, type. The Raptors won't have much (or any) money to give said player, so your dreams of J.R. Smith being signed away from the Cavaliers will have to be put on hold. Still, there are options out there.

2) Sign another PF/C type to provide some reliable minutes in the front court. I use the word reliable here because the Raptors front court rotation is just full of questions. After Jonas, Jared and Patrick, there are two rookies (god love'em) and the man they call Bebe. Now look, I love Bebe, but it's clear Toronto doesn't quite yet trust him to play 15-20 minutes a game. It's not even clear he can actually play 15-20 minutes a game. Sure, maybe? This suggests, with Poeltl and Siakam heading to the D-League for stretches, that the Raptors may look to add one more big body. I mean, Jason Thompson is just sitting by the phone, guys.

So, without naming names, let's go to the poll. What type of player should the Raptors be targeting for their 15th roster spot?