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Norman Powell named to All-NBA Summer League Second Team, presumably plots revenge

At this point, Powell may be more chip than shoulder.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While there is a league of difference between making the All-NBA team and the All-NBA Summer League team, Norman Powell presumably wants the honours. This is a dude, god bless him, who mentioned going for the Summer League title and MVP this July after the Raptors had been strangled out of the Eastern Conference Finals by the Cavaliers. He was still stewing over the disappointing Summer League loss from a year ago. This, after the best season in Raptors' franchise history. It was a slight Powell wanted rectified. The recognition, forever out of reach, is his due.

So now we're here and somehow I doubt Powell's sense of disappointment -- after a stupid-ass call got the Raptors bounced from Summer League this year -- has lessened. There will be no title for the young Raptors this summer, no MVP for Powell. In fact, the man who did win the MVP, in a cosmic joke that would have J. Peterman laughing, was in fact Tyus Jones of the Minnesota Timberwolves, the very man who drew the aforementioned stupid-ass call on the Raptors with the most galling kick-out this side of the WWE. Powell was named to the All-NBA Summer League Second Team. I doubt he is happy with any of this information.

But wait, there's more. After an encouraging first four games, in which the Raptors played relatively stout defense and went 4-0, we learned some things about the young team and its players.

First, as always, injuries suck. The team lost Pascal Siakam almost immediately in the first half of the first game. (He played 15 extremely exciting minutes and was never heard from again due to a left knee sprain.) Then, Delon Wright, in the same stupid-ass T-Wolves game, managed to dislocate his shoulder. In the long run, he'll be fine, but still: injuries, man.

Second, true to Raptors form, the team didn't quite find a way to get the ball into the post for new centre Jakob Poeltl. There was a moment, after the second game, when coach Jerry Stackhouse mentioned this desire and I swear you could almost hear the skies part and the angels sing. Yes, a seven-foot man with good hands is looking to get his shot off close to the rim. Yes we can! Yes we can! (It was not to be.) Good luck in the NBA, Jakob, and welcome to the Raptors.

Third, unequivocally, Norman Powell is somewhere on the planet right now, like a vengeful super villain, plotting his cold-hearted revenge. If I'm Tyus Jones I'm planning a vacation off-world, if possible. The refrain heard most often around this Raptors Summer League team was "Powell is too good for this." This is a true fact. Powell is ready for the NBA, and also, I wouldn't bet against his plans to sink the state of Minnesota into Lake Superior (saving any of the local Prince history; because revenge needs a bitching soundtrack). The dude is turned up, is what I'm saying.

So, fine, Powell has his Second Team "award" and another piece of sediment to add to the chip on his shoulder. If there's a silver-lining in any of this, here it is: Powell will now spend the rest of his time, right up until opening night tip-off on the 2016-17 season, getting ready to destroy.

Good luck to the NBA, I wish you all the best.