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LVSL: Raptors take on the Timberwolves today in Summer League quarterfinals

Don't tell this squad the games don't matter.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it's July 16th and we're still (still!) talking about basketball. Today, the Raptors take on the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Las Vegas Summer League in their ongoing mission to claim the title. It doesn't count for anything, but don't tell these guys that.

For the Wolves, the story had been about Kris Dunn, who has sat the last couple of games out with a concussion. Dunn was leading the team with averages of 24 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists in the two games he played. No word yet on whether or not he is... done for the day. (This is peak summer time content right here.) In any case, the Wolves have been carried by Tyus Jones, their sophomore guard, and now get the chance to face off against a Raptors team that has already beaten them once, but is dealing with its own injury issues.

Yes, Norman Powell is questionable for today's game. He took a hard shot to the thigh in the game against the Warriors and while it's easy to believe Powell is beyond such small matters such as pain, he may have to sit this one out. Bummer. Up until this point it had been Powell exerting his will on the game, on other teams, on the stands, on the entire state of Nevada. It was a hell of a cool thing to watch. I'm sure the injury is nothing serious, but still, let's hope he's back soon. His Summer League MVP chances are in serious doubt now.

The winner of this game gets the victor of Suns vs. Nuggets for the semi-finals on Sunday. Somehow it seems fantastically logical that we'll get a Powell vs. baby-faced Devin Booker showdown. But that's just me.

Tip-off today is at 4pm EST, so set your calendars or clocks accordingly. Also, much like our compatriots over at Raptors Republic, we're having some difficulty finding an able body to actually watch the game. Go figure, on July 16th, it would be tough to get someone to stay inside to watch some Summer League basketball. Ah well.

Let's get to the comments anyway and have a ball.