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LVSL Sunday: Raptors look for second win in a row in game against Timberwolves

Join us as we take in the Raptors vs. Timberwolves game at the Las Vegas Summer League.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's Day 3 here at Las Vegas Summer League and we've learned a few things. One, it's very hot here. Two, the Raptors have a rock solid squad here in the tournament. And three, the Timberwolves present something of a more cohesive challenge to Toronto this afternoon.

The matchup to watch today is between the Timberwolves' newest player Kris Dunn, the 6'4'', 240 pound guard out of Providence. This will be a nice test for Norman Powell's defensive prowess, and may point Delon Wright up against it if defensive switching is the order of the day. Wright's offensive skills (outside of his wonky jump shot) are not in question, but his defensive abilities, particularly in the pick-and-roll and against stronger players, is still a work in progress. (This is to say nothing of Wright spending the game corralling the speedy Tyus Jones.)

In the front court, the Wolves are here without Karl-Anthony Towns, which is no surprise since he's already awesome. They'll be rolling out with standby Adrien Payne, who has yet to make much of a mark at the NBA level. The Raptors will also have to contend with Scott Suggs, a Raptors 905 stalwart from last season, on the wing.

As it went against the Kings, it'll be interesting to see how Jakob Poeltl and Pascal Siakam match up with the T-Wolves frontline. For Poeltl, will we see a bit more of his game than just putbacks? Will more of the game come to him this afternoon? We'll see. For his part, Siakam is not 100 percent sure yet if the team will let him play. His knee is still off, for lack of a better word.

Update: Siakam is out for today's game. Bummer.

Anyway, tip-off's coming up in 30 minutes or so. Let's get in the comments and enjoy the second Raptors game of the Las Vegas Summer League season.