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NBA Draft 2016 Poll: Who should the Raptors take at no. 27?

Let's talk about the Raptors' other draft pick.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in all the number nine hoopla is the fact that the Raptors have the 27th pick in this year's NBA Draft. Without the miracle of the Bargnani trade, this would have been the team's only pick this year. Such is the life of a team that went to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The history of 27th picks in this century is about as bereft of good finds as you'd expect. For every success story like Rudy Gobert or DeMarre Carroll, there are three of either Primoz Brezec, Linas Kleiza or Chris Jefferies. (Oh, all three of those guys played for the Raptors at one time or another? I hadn't noticed.)

This year is no different. There are players with low ceilings but high floors at 27 and there are complete projects. There are players who may never play a single game in the NBA, who may never even set foot in North America perhaps. There's even a guy named Diamond Stone. And yet, and yet, the Raptors will have to make a choice.

Said choice at 27 generally comes down to one of philosophy. Are the Raptors picking a player they think can contribute right away in a backup capacity with the hope for more down the line? Or, are they picking someone to stash overseas? Both are viable for the Raptors, but only one will win. And while this choice will ultimately be made by GM Masai Ujiri, this afternoon we open the floor to you... the people.

Let's go to the poll for the choices.