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Kyle Lowry accepts invitation to play for USA Basketball in Rio Olympics

The Raptors point guard is headed to Brazil, baby.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Flying in the face of Zika worries and a swath of talent that's dropped out, Kyle Lowry has accepted USA Basketball's invitation to join the team and will play in the 2016 Rio Olympics later this summer. This comes to us from... who else?

This will be Lowry's first time playing for the national team, as the All-NBA Third Team selection joins a relatively short list of players who've committed, with Paul George and Draymond Green also joining this week. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler have all expressed their desire to be on the team, while many others -- including Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade -- have opted out in favour of rest and, you know, not getting Zika and dying.

We'll likely see the roster fill out leading up to USA Basketball's training camp from July 18 through 21. That will be followed by exhibition games, then the Olympics themselves from August 6 to 21. An important player to watch for Raptors fans, of course, is DeMar DeRozan. He'll be in the mix of selections after playing in the 2014 FIBA Americas Tournament, but may take the free agent precedent set by other players and pass.

For today, though, the news is about Lowry. Obviously the big fear here is that he contracts the Zika virus, brings it back to Canada, and poisons the entire Raptors team and most of southwest Ontario - but otherwise, what are you taking away from this news?