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Andy Greer to leave Toronto and become top assistant coach for Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota

It was a one year stint in Toronto for Greer, but this is what happens sometimes with successful basketball programs.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

As reported by the Woj Bomb-meister himself, assistant coach Andy Greer of the Raptors is leaving Toronto to join Tom Thibodeau's Minnesota Timberwolves coaching staff as their top assistant.

Greer last worked with Thibodeau for five years in Chicago from 2010-2015, where the pair crafted one of the strongest defensive teams in the league. He was also an assistant in Memphis from 2007-09, in Houston from 2003-07 and, hey, the Knicks in 2001-03. (Everybody has to start somewhere, right?) Since joining the Raptors (with, yes, considerable improvements to the team's defensive talent), Toronto jumped from 23rd to 11th in defensive rating. It's been Greer's calling card throughout his career as an assistant coach.

As with the loss of Jesse Mermuys, this is an unfortunate turn of events for the Raptors but it also suggests they are, a) finding great talent in the coaching ranks and, b) grooming that talent to be successful. This is what happens when you have a well-run franchise -- you attract top talent on and off the court and, yes, sometimes you have to watch them ascend to greater roles elsewhere. (Or maybe Greer just wanted to get back with his buddy Thibs.)

In any case, no word yet on what will happen withe Dwane Casey's coaching staff for next season or who will fill Greer's defensive coordinator role. As previously discussed, there is many reasons to believe that Jama Mahlalela will become the Raptors 905 head coach, which means there will be two openings on the staff heading into next season.

We'll keep you apprised of the situation as it develops.