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NBA Draft 2016: Would you believe the Raptors are working out a couple more players today?

It's true. It's true. Two more prospects are in Toronto today.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It what is being called the final workout before the NBA Draft this Thursday, the Raptors are taking a look at two more players. They've worked out something like 60 players at the BioSteel Centre and in Buffalo (59 exactly, according to the oracle Blake Murphy). Some of these workouts were open, some were done under a shroud of mystery. So it goes with the NBA, Masai Ujiri and the powerful allure of the Draft.

Anyway, let's get to the names for today.





Ivica Zubac




Diamond Stone




An interesting paring today. On the one hand, Zubac is the higher ranked name -- coming in at 16 on Draft Express' Top 100 prospects and picked 21st in their mock draft. But, as per usual, there are the usual caveats applied to foreign players. What kind of competition has he faced so far? How will he stand up to NBA-calibre competition? Will his limited experience translate into success in North America? Still, Zubac is a big man at 7'1'' with good hands. That counts for something.

Now, on the other hand, Diamond Stone (top 3 best name in the draft) is ranked at a mere 31 in DX's Top 100, and looks to be going at number 29 in their mock draft. The Maryland freshman is a big big man, with a game based around his 254 pound frame and wide 7'3'' wingspan. From the sounds of it, Stone is a back-to-basket type post player, which could slot him in effectively in the Raptors' current bench lineup configuration.

So, the question is, are the Raptors going to get lucky and end up with a higher ranked slightly more mysterious prospect in Zubac, or the more known quantity (but lower ranked) Stone?

What do you guys say?