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HQ Overtime Post-Game Show: Let's talk about this horrid mess we're in

Listen in as John Gaudes and Sean Woodley unpack Game 4 of the Raptors-Heat series.

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HQ Overtime is a live post-game show. Tune in through the Mixlr player below and leave a question in the comments section -- we'll address as many as we can on the show. For all the details on this show, check out our introductory thread.

Perhaps one of the strangest, ugliest postseason games in NBA history has concluded, with the Heat beating the Raptors in overtime, 94-87, to tie the series at two. I'm joined by Sean Woodley to discuss just how awful it was, the unplayability (is that a word?) of DeMar DeRozan, the small vs. big question, and the Bebe experiment.

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