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NBA Playoffs 2016: Dwane Casey, DeRozan, and Ross address media before Game 2 vs. the Miami Heat

The Raptors look to come out with a more physical mindset in Game 2 vs. the Miami Heat.

Dwane Casey set the tone, saying that the Raptors need to "bring more physicality" when they face the Miami Heat tonight in Game 2 at Air Canada Centre.

DeMar DeRozan admitted that sometimes the Raptors "like drama for some reason." How else to explain their tendency to drop games at home to start playoff series?

And lastly, Terrence Ross said that "as bad as we played [in Game 1], we still put ourselves in a position to win. So, if we go out there and play the right way -- play the way we're supposed to -- we should walk outta here with the victory."

(All videos via the Raptors' youtube channel)