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Notes from Wednesday's Media Availability: Is Lowry injured? Kyle says no, "it's all me"

After a wild Game 1, everyone wants to know what's up with Kyle Lowry.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

So, Game 1 of the Raptors' conference semi-finals series against the Heat was, in a word, madness. The only reason it has not reached the heights of, say, The Bat Flip, is because the Raptors ultimately lost the game in overtime. It sucks, is what I'm saying.

Anyway, one of the biggest reasons Toronto was able to feel both the abject sadness of defeat, the joyous relief of almost victory, and then that damned sadness again, was Kyle Lowry. As you may have heard, he did not play particularly well. Sure the on/off numbers suggest the team was generally in the positive when Lowry was on the court, but his motor, the relentless and reckless force with which he plays, was not quite there. And his shot? Forget about it.

That video was taken after Game 1, after midnight, after most everyone had gone home. Today, the media caught up with the Raptors and Kyle Lowry and they had questions.

First, the obvious question: Is Lowry's elbow bothering him?

On his late night shooting session:

And here's Lowry being peak Kyle Lowry:

Meanwhile, there were other questions. Dwane Casey was asked about LeBron's comments and the Cavaliers looking ahead to playing the Heat.

DeMarre Carroll, who played some strong defense on Joe Johnson last night and hit a couple 3s, had some things to say about Game 2:

And here's Carroll on Lowry's slump:

So that's it. It's not the elbow. It's mental. The Raptors and Kyle Lowry need to man up. We can get through this.

Game 2 is tomorrow at 8pm. Plenty of time to get everything together.