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Poll: What's your prediction for Raptors vs. Heat?

The Raptors are in the second round with the Miami Heat. Who you got winning the series?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It's May 3rd and the Raptors are still playing basketball games that matter. This is almost unprecedented in history. Let that sink in for a second. Just one single second. Now, regroup. While it's nice and good to relax and reflect on what a playoff series win means for a franchise that has lacked one for some time, we need to get re-focused here -- the Miami Heat are coming.

We've got a series preview over here, but I think we already know what some of the main questions are. To wit:

  1. Will Jonas Valanciunas (and Bismack Biyombo) be able to effectively battle Hassan Whiteside for however long this series takes?
  2. Will DeMar DeRozan have any easier time of it now that the long (long) arms of Paul George are no longer draped all over him?
  3. How many times will Raptors fans shout out "Oh no Joe Johnson!"? (The over/under is currently set at 20.5 for that one.)
  4. What grade of raw beef is currently inside Kyle Lowry's shooting elbow?
  5. When Norman Powell is declared the MVP of the series, does he break down in tears or just give a quick smile and move on?
  6. There are more -- I didn't even get to Dwyane Wade here -- but let's just cut to the important question in the poll: Who's winning?

Cast your vote!