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NBA Eastern Conference Finals 2016: Kyle Lowry is dumbfounded by his own boxscore

Things were bad last night.

After winning Games 3 and 4 in Toronto, the Raptors were summarily slaughtered by the Cavaliers in Game 5. Kyle Lowry, who finished the game with 13 points, five turnovers, and a plus/minus of -25, was not impressed when he came to the podium for his press conference and reviewed the box score.

And by "not impressed," I mean, "downright shocked."

When you get your report card and you have to explain to your parents why you failed all of your classes.

A video posted by Sports Videos (@houseofhighlights) on

You can literally see the stages of comprehension as he dives into the stats. "Wait, I did whaaaaaat?"

(h/t House of Highlights)