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Watch: The Raptors reflect on a Game 5 drubbing in Cleveland

This one was not pretty for Toronto.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Remember hope and laughter? Well, if you were watching the Raptors plummet to their deaths last not in Cleveland, you may be hard pressed to conjure up much positive emotion this morning. Game 5 was a disaster for Toronto and now, as the series moves back to the ACC, the Raps are set up for a do-or-die situation -- their third of these playoffs.

Neither team has been able to win on the road in this series, so who knows what Game 6 will hold, but for now, we are left only with the sad Raptors being sad and trying their best to put things into perspective. Watch, if you dare.

First, some sad podium action from Dwane Casey:

And the duo of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, sans any children:

Then we run through the usual trifecta of key Raptors players. Let's go DeMarre Carroll, Patrick Patterson and Bismack Biyombo:

And finally, in what is probably the only positive note from the night, here's Jonas Valanciunas, who returned to action:

Let's try to live a happier life until Friday for Game 6.