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Post-Game 6 Breakdown: The Raptors were beat in every way possible

A simple summary of a very bad game for Toronto.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The prevailing attitude among Raptors fans was that the team had met expectations by taking two from the Cavaliers and that anything else was gravy. Well, the team sure thought so. No gravy for us.

Everybody Was Terrible

Usually in bad losses, there is a lineup that is suspect, or a player who played terribly, that you can point to as an adjustment for the next game. But not in this one.

Here are the on-court net ratings for each player who played real minutes.

DeRozan: -52
Lowry: -47
Carroll: -47
Ross: -37
Biyombo: -48
Patterson: -73
Valanciunas: -53
Scola: -41
Joseph: -96

That's what I call losing as a team.

The Raptors played 14 different lineups in this game. One (the garbage time lineup) was +2, three broke even. The others were obviously various sorts of awful. That's right (and obvious), prior to garbage time there was not a single combination of players that was a positive contributor.

No One Showed Up

DeRozan and Lowry combined for 7-for-20 shooting, scoring 27 points on 36 used possessions. Terrible.

Cory Joseph shot 1-for-5 with three turnovers in only 10 minutes played. Terrible.

The Raptors shot 3-for-17 from three point range, including 0-for-4 from Carroll, 1-for-4 from Lowry, and 0-for-3 from Ross. Terrible.

The Raptors missed 14 free throws on a FT% of only 60 percent. Lowry once again led the way going 2-for-6. Terrible.

The Raptors were destroyed on the boards, grabbing only 12% of available offensive boards, and giving up 31% at their end. Biyombo in particular was the primary culprit for this discrepancy, allowing Thompson to beat him to four offensive rebounds and having a team-low on-court defensive rebounding rate of 61% (that means two of every five shots the Cavs missed were back in their hands when Biyombo was on the court). Fun fact: With Scola on the floor the Raptors did not grab a single offensive rebound.

Silver Linings

Looking at the box score, you might think I would include Luis Scola here (7 points on 3-for-4 shooting and three assists) but his disastrous attempts at defending Kevin Love helped him get back on track and derailed the game early on. (Love was 4-for-4 for 12 points and an assist in the first frame.)

The only real silver lining in this one is that Jonas Valanciunas looked fine out there -- not great (no rebounds, no blocks, two turnovers in 20 minutes), but fine. He did score 9 points on his 4 shots and managed to register an assist. Hopefully more to come from him back in Toronto.

Hopefully, a lot more from everyone on the team back in Toronto.

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