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Cavs Blast Raptors 116-78; Game 6 Goes Friday at the ACC

The Cavs romped all over the Raptors in a laugher of a game in Cleveland tonight.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Q just ain't kind to the Raps.

Once again the Cavs absolutely smacked the Raptors around on their home floor in a 38 point win, vanquishing any of the questions raised in their two losses.

Kevin Love reappeared as himself and finished with 25 points on 8-10 from the floor and 6-6 at the free throw line, while Kyrie Irving remained potent with 23 points on 9-17 and Tristan Thompson held his own with 10 boards and nine points.

And of course this man did this thing to the tune of 23 points, eight assists and six rebounds.

On the Raptors side of things, it was much more bleak, as their was a clear lack of urgency right from the opening tip. The crazy high turnover count, constant missed defensive rotations (especially when Richard Jefferson was clowning them and slapping the blackboard), and the absolute clusterf**k that was trying to accomplish anything on offence.

The Cavs came out blitzing and trapping DeRozan and Lowry off of the pick and roll, and despite the pre-game chatter seeming as though they were prepared for it, the on-court product sure didn't show it. With Biyombo unable to make Draymond-like passes from the top of the circle, the Raps were left scrambling and unable to find many good looks. On the few times open shots presented themselves, the supporting cast struggled to make them as Carroll and Patterson were a combined 1-7 from three.

There was only one positive thing to takeaway from the game tonight as a Raptor fan, and that was the return of Jonas Valanciunas. Entering midway through the first JV quickly made an impact with a layup and mid-range J, while moving smooth and looking like himself and shaking off the rust during garbage time in the 4th.

Moving on to Game 6 on Friday, will the series follow the pattern with the Raps bouncing back for a win on their home floor? Or will LeBron James in a road closeout game with a Finals berth on the line be too much to handle?