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Raptors vs. Cavaliers: Instead of defeat, Toronto reaches for victory in Game 5

It's been quite the turn of events over the past week.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Today's game thread is brought to you by all of the people who've been eating crow this past week after they pronounced their Raptors vs. Cavaliers predictions and presumed certainties.

Number one on the list is, as per usual, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. He's the guy who attacked the Raptors (and by extension Canada) with such ferocity that he figured he should apologize on air to a nation. Nice guy.

I wish I could get a job where I go on TV and say, repeatedly: I don't understand. What a life this guy is leading. But I digress.

Smith aside, a lot of us didn't quite believe the Raptors would get to this point. Not after two seemingly unnecessary seven-game series, not after two disastrous blowouts in Games 1 and 2 against Cleveland, not when everyone on God's green earth just assumed LeBron James was going to march his squad into a rematch against the Golden State Warriors. (Which, uh, about that...)

The Raptors were supposed to be a footnote to history. They were supposed to be the answer to a Jeopardy question ("What is Other?"). They were supposed to be a team that almost kind of maybe sort of got there.

Instead, the series is 2-2. And tonight, it's Game 5, with everything on the line. And, whoa, what if the Raptors win?

For some preparation before the game, read Michael Hoad's preview.

Then, hoo boy, get in the comments.