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Shots from Shootaround: Jonas injury update, Lowry's stance on finger wagging, and more

As the Raptors prepare for Game 4 against Cleveland, there's still a lot left to say.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The first ever Eastern Conference Finals game on Canadian soil went about as well as one could expect. The home town Raptors won, which is nice, but they also did so with some style and excitement. Bismack Biybombo played huge, Kyle Lowry was almost his old self, and even DeMar DeRozan has something of an efficient game. Also, two of the Cavs' big three (Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love) played poorly. Hey, a win is a win!

In advance of Game 4, there was plenty to talk about and a renewed energy surrounding the Raptors. Could they tie the series up? Have they unlocked the mystery of defeating the invincible LeBron James? And, hmm, what's this about Jonas Valanciunas?

Some updates:

First, and most important, it turns out Jonas went through today's shootaround and has been upgraded from "definitely out don't even think about it" to the more succinct "doubtful."

Which inspired some takes and words from coach Dwane Casey:

This puts the Raptors in an interesting position. It sounds as though Jonas is not 100 percent (and unlikely to get there soon) but his presence could open up some things on the offensive end for the team. The worry of course is that he won't yet be mobile or agile enough (which is a problem sometimes even when fully healthy) to chase around Love and Channing Frye if/when the Cavs go smaller and start bombing away. That said, if the Toronto crowd gets to see Valanciunas check into the game tonight... hooooooo boy.

Now, to catch your breath from that exciting news, here's Lowry's stance on finger wagging:

I'm glad we've cleared that up.

Now some inspiring words from Casey and hero Bismack Biyombo:

For the best effect, read this tweet while playing the following movie clip, and then, sit, breath deeply, and prepare for Game 4 in eight hours.