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Emotions from Shootaround before Game 2: Words from Lowry, Casey and more

In advance of tonight's Game 2, the Raptors try to put things in perspective.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

We don't need to rehash it (again), but the Raptors are hoping for a better result tonight than they had in Game 1 against the Cavaliers. Given the blow out nature of the opening game, and the much needed rest day, the feeling at shootaround was that while some adjustments will be necessary, it was also good to get some perspective.

(Much thanks to Josh Lewenberg from TSN for the on-the-ground reporting work here, with the assist from the Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat and Sportsnet's Michael Grange. Not all of us get the pleasure of weekday trips to Cleveland.)

Here's Kyle Lowry (and DeMar DeRozan) on what they've been up to over the past day and a bit:

So, all right, you needed the rest, but how do you feel, Kyle?

Confronted with a bunch of matchup issues in Game 1, it falls to coach Dwane Casey to figure out how to maximize the players he's got. We know Jonas Valanciunas will not be playing, but where does that leave the rest of the rotation?

And more specifically, on Cory Joseph:

Overall, it's not much to go on. The Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat predicts more Norman Powell and Luis Scola tonight, but other than that, we'll have to wait and see how Casey decides to shuffle minutes around.

One thing is clear though:

Now let's leave on a high note, courtesy of my favourite team spokesman Bismack Biyombo: