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NBA Draft Lottery 2016: Raptors snag Knicks pick and will select at number 9

The Raptors are in the Eastern Conference Finals and they also have a top 10 pick.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The results of the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery are in and the Raptors, the team competing in the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, will draft at number nine. To quote a great philosopher of our age: what a time to be alive.

We'll always, always be able to thank Andrea Bargnani for one thing. No, not the Primo Pasta commercials. I'm talking about this beautiful first round draft pick the New York Knicks were dumb enough to trade Toronto to obtain his services. I realize he had nothing to do with it (except being bad enough to trade but somehow good enough to merit a first round pick -- and more!), and that it was really the brilliance of GM Masai Ujiri who pulled this awesome trade off, but still: thanks Andrea!

We'll have more content soon on what players the Raptors could potentially pick at number 9 in the NBA Draft. For now, check out the full results here.

Let's all revel in the pleasure of somehow being one of the four remaining teams in the playoffs and having a top 10 pick.

Say it with me now, one more time: thanks Andrea!