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Raptors vs. Heat: How's your blood pressure?

Some notes ahead of a terrifying Game 7 against the Heat.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

This was never going down any other way. If you're in to dazzling haymakers, this hasn't been the series for you. No, Toronto and Miami have thrown mostly grueling body shots for six games on the road to a 3-3 tie. The merciful knockout blow will come this afternoon.

Nervousness and uneasiness aren't new emotions for Raptors fans. They've essentially been the only ones experienced over the course of the last month. So what's one more day of teetering on the brink of hypertension?

Before Game 7 gets going, check out Daniel Reynolds' preview here.

Also make sure you tune in to HQ Overtime immediately following the game to hear John Gaudes and Justin Rowan either joyously break down an Eastern Conference Finals berth, or broken-heartedly assess a Game 7 loss.

Some notes head of game time:

Whether or not the Raptors will implement any notable adjustments - be it rotation or otherwise - to handle the Heat's small lineup is the big question looming over Toronto and Dwane Casey today. Bismack Biyombo and Patrick Patterson failed to take advantage of their size advantage in Game 6 when Miami rolled out centre-less units for 30 minutes. Over the last three games, Miami is +22 over 56 minutes without a big man (shout to Blake Murphy for the clarification).

Maybe there's an alteration Casey can make by running out small units with, for example, Patrick Patterson and James Johnson in the front court for spurts - but it may just come down to Patterson and Biyombo playing better.

"There are some things that we can change to make sure we handle some of the things that they did to us differently, some adjustments that they made that we gotta adjust to that we do a better job of," said Casey. " The most important part is our disposition. Our disposition of getting down, getting ready, of guarding the guy in front of you, of keeping a tight paint ... all of those things we can do a better job of."

Do a better job: not a bad mantra for the Raptors to go by in their first second round Game 7 since 2001.

Please ... just no missed buzzer beaters.

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